First Horse Trail competition took place in the autumn of 2015. Organisers of Horse Trail was a group of enthusiasts, who wanted to diversify the equestrian sport disciplines in Latvia, because until this day the most popular equestrian sport disciplines in Latvia are Show Jumping, Dressage and Driving. Horse trail is still a very new equestrian sport discipline, that is why it is still dynamic. Every year there is something added to this discipline in a way that Horse trail participants are faced with new challenges. 

Horse trail competitions consists of two parts: Ease of Handling Trial and Open-Air (Forest) Course. Ease of Handling Trial is made of elements, which are borrowed from Working Equitation but judging is different - penalty points are assigned for each mistake. However, forest part consists of a marked track with multiple check points, where participant should arrive on precise time. Quite often to make the check point count, participants must do an element, which is similar to those in the practical part. 

Overall, Horse Trail competitions are not only exciting for the participants, but are a awesome way how to spend your weekend together with your family, enjoying the fresh air and wonderful atmosphere.